I've always been a coder at heart. Since I was a kid all I've wanted was to create cool things with computers - well, and play video games.

SmartyPantsCoding is my hub for all the apps and games I create and the home for my ramblings about a variety of topics and technologies.




I like to write games that are simple and fun to play.

Word Search Little Books

The best word search game on Android, Windows 8, and Kindle Fire. Intuitive gameplay, and interesting puzzle book topics.

Maze Racer

Race through over a dozen user submitted mazes to see how you stack up in this Samsung Galaxy Note exclusive.

Hungry Castaway

Help our friendly castaway navigate the waves as he tries to survive another day on a deserted island.

Blackjack Metro

Enjoy this full featured blackjack game inspired by the Metro design system of Windows Phone.


A modern twist on the memory card matching game you played as a kid with combo multipliers and leaderboards.


I like to write apps that are innovative and utilitarian.

Line Diet

The simplest app for keeping track of your weight loss goals. Find out daily if you need to diet or can take it easy that day and still meet your long-term goals.


Watch an endless stream of images as they are posted to Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. See what people are really doing on the social web.

Magic Black Ball

Ask the old reliable magic black ball anything you want - it's always right, trust me.

Mortal Kombat Guide

Your cheat sheet to all the moves and fatalities in the latest Mortal Kombat released in 2011 for XBox 360 and PS3.

Fortune Cookie Teller

Ever wish you could have a fortune cookie after every meal? Well now you can.


recent blog entries

Word Search Little Books Lands on Windows Phone

I am super excited to announce that Word Search Little Books is now available on the Windows Phone Store!

That means that WSLB is now on essentially every major platform, something I'm super proud of. The only platforms WSLB has yet to reach are the Nook and Blackberry, something I don't see doing anytime soon - time to move on to the next game!

If you have a Windows Phone or know someone who does (or any platform for that matter) please point them to WordSearchLittleBooks.com to get the app now, or have them use this fancy button:

For those curious, here is how the app's codebase breaks down:
Android - Java / XML
iPhone/iPad - C# / XIB / Xamarin.iOS
Windows 8, Windows Phone - C# / XAML

I have seriously considered refactoring the Android version into Xamarin.Android so I can have C# across all the platforms, but I'm just going to leave it as is for now. WSLB was originally made as part of an Android contest, hence it originally being done in Java.

Deck from 'Practical Mobile UI / UX for Developers' Talk at the Atlanta Mobile Developers Meetup

I was lucky enough to get to present at the Atlanta Mobile Developers Group earlier this week where I talked about sketching, wireframing, and other user experience and design subjects relative to turning your mobile app idea into a fleshed out app ready to be developed. I've uploaded this slide deck to SpeakerDeck.com, you can find it here or via the image below.

Thanks to everyone who sent in kind words or stayed after to talk. If you're looking for help with the strategy of your mobile app, or help turning your mobile app idea into a reality, check out my mobile app development company All Mobile Everything.

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