Matchingo Makes the Sweet 16 in Microsoft's Silverlight Game Contest

I'm very proud to say that Matchingo is one of the 16 finalists in Microsoft's Server Quest Contest. You can go there now to vote on your favorite entries - the voting ends May 14th.

Also, Matchingo can now be found on SilverArcade.com - a gaming community site for gamers and Silverlight developers. If your going to be playing Matchingo, play it there so it can get up on the top played list - after you've voted on ServerQuestContest.com of course ;)

I also just put up a new build of Matchingo up on matchingo.com. There's not much to see, its really just a build after a weekend of cleaning up the code. It does have some changes to the particle effects, so if you were having framerate issues give it a whirl. Please let me know if you notice any major issues with it.

I'm hoping to get the source code posted by the end of the week - whether I get everything done I want done by then or not - so please check back later for that.


when I did the replay, the pictures were not the same. Got the moves correct, but the pictures were not the same. Not sure if that is a bug or intended...?