Announcing All Mobile Everything - My New Mobile Consultancy

Back in late September I wrote a blog post about how I had quit my day job to pursue my own dreams of being an independent mobile developer. Today I am excited to announce the launch of All Mobile Everything - my new micro-consultancy for mobile and tablet app and game development!

All Mobile Everything is the byproduct of spending four months heads-down, focused on nothing but mobile and tablet development. In that time frame I managed to create and publish Word Search Little Books on Android, then on Kindle Fire, then on Windows 8, and now on iPad and iPhone (currently pending marketplace approval). I also worked on various other random mobile projects in that same time. It would have easily taken me a year to have done that work in my spare time while working a normal 9-5. To say I learned a lot would be a massive understatement - it's not like I hadn't already been doing mobile for a few years, but to be able to cram for 4 months straight was a great opportunity for me.

In that same time frame, the phrase 'All Mobile Everything' came to mind - I actually mentioned it back in my blog post in late September. That phrase/mantra evolved into a business of the same name - with the same mission, to develop solutions on every major mobile platform, and to put mobile first and foremost.

I'm going to be continuing this blog as-is, it will remain focused on my personal work and developer topics (expect screencasts on MonoTouch coming in the months ahead). But, there is also a new All Mobile Everything blog I'll be maintaining as well. That blog will be focused on mobile/tablet insights and articles for general business, and not development focused. There will be a few of the first articles rolling out in the next week or so - I hope you'll check it out!

It's been a really fun 4 months since I started doing this full time. I can only hope my new venture will continue that along. If you know small businesses or local agencies that need help on mobile/tablet projects please keep me in mind. I am likely to continue focusing on MonoTouch and Mono for Android, so .Net shops looking to get into mobile would be perfect clients for me as well. You can contact me for work through the contact page on AllMobileEverything.com - thanks for reading!