Creating a Windows Phone 7 Metro Style Pivot Application [Part 3]

This is part 3 - the final part - of how to create a Pivot style application for Windows Phone 7. Attached is the sample project and code for this example.

The screencast starts off in Blend and shows how to create the endless pivot menu across the top. After that the screencast dives into the code hooking up our new pivot menu and changing how the content area works. The last 15 minutes or so of the screencast is a bit long winded, but talks about issues you might run into when trying to use this code in a more feature rich application.

After using this method of creating a Pivot style application for a project for my employer, I've decided that hand rolling one of these things is way too much of a pain. I hope these videos will help those of you who can't wait for the real Pivot control release, but be aware that the devil is in the details for this approach - and there are a lot of little details. It's also worth noting that if I had to do it over again I may have made use of WriteableBitmaps to prevent some of the accidental interactions that can occur when you have interactive elements inside of a pivot page.

On a side note, while working on this screencast and trying to make use of the Pivot in an application I also attempted to create a standalone Pivot control. Unfortunately I could never get it quite stable enough, and after spending so much time on these screencasts I don't have any desire to revisit it and try to get it working - perhaps that will change if the real pivot control still hasn't arrived in another month or so. In the mean time, I've got some WP7 applications and games I want to get to work on.

SampleWP7PivotApplication_Part3.zip27.61 KB


Great work! You have saved me a considerable amount of time getting started on a project of mine. It is a shame that Microsoft left out such an important part of the Metro UI experience from the CTP release. Unfortunately, in order to have this project ready by the platform's launch, I am not in a position to be able to wait for the official control. If you would be willing to send me your initial efforts towards creating a standalone pivot control, I would be happy to continue open source development of it on Codeplex to the benefit of the community. For my current project, I will likely need to create such a control regardless. Thanks again for these very helpful tutorials and code samples!

Brian P. Hamachek
President & CEO
SynergeTech Solutions

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