Getting Ready for Mix

I am very lucky to say that I'll be at Mix 2010 next week. As excited as I am about the event itself, I'm perhaps more excited knowing that I'll come back with the tools to get cracking on development for Windows Phone 7:

The development platforms for Windows Phone 7 are XNA and Silverlight, which is awesome for folks already in those fields - but if you aren't, now is the time to dive into Silverlight and/or XNA. I have really enjoyed working with Silverlight, and seeing it move to mobile platforms is exciting because it keeps the technology fresh and fun to learn. I am very eager to start learning some XNA as well, I've been wanting to learn XNA for several years now but have not - knowing it can now target such a distributed platform is great motivation.

I'll be tweeting while at Mix, and should eventually write a summary blog, but in the meantime check out smartyp.net to see my latest tweets and a mobile blog where I'll be posting some photos.