A Screencast on Recent Changes to ImageWind.Net

It's been almost a month since I announced ImageWind.net, my current personal Silverlight project. I've really been enjoying working on Image Wind over the last several weeks and I wanted to put together a video showing off what Image Wind currently looks like.

A friend on Twitter turned me on to Screenr.com this week, and that is what I used to record this screencast. I would highly suggest checking out Screenr.com if you want to record something on your computer quick. It records the display and audio with no install (so long as you have Java installed) - really cool.

I'm trying to encourage people headed to PDC 2009 next week to post a bunch of pictures from their phones on Twitter so they can be watched in ImageWind. If you are going to post any pictures from PDC be sure to include "PDC" in the tweet text. Here is where you can find images posted with PDC in the text:

I still have about 20-30 items on my TODO:: list for Image Wind - some of which are pretty big changes. I hope you are checking out ImageWind.net every once and a while and staying on top of the changes being made via the change log. You can also follow @ImageWind on Twitter to stay on top of current work and to see some interesting images discovered via ImageWind.