Lessons Learned Customizing Xamarin.Forms Slide Deck

I was invited to speak at the Atlanta Xamarin Users Group this week, and I decided to share a bit about the Xamarin.Forms work I've been doing of late. Over the last 6 months or so I have worked on 4 different Xamarin.Forms projects. In the process I've been amazed at how powerful the technology stack is, and pretty well delighted with how it can be customized to brand apps. In this talk I covered the basics of evaluating between Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms and covered customizing Xamarin.Forms per platform in a variety of ways.

If you came to the meetup, thanks a bunch - I was excited to even learn something myself that night from another member. Also, big congrats to Xamarin for being acquired by Microsoft this week. I can remember Miguel De Icaza speaking on Mono (and even Unity) back in 2008 at PDC. To see how far both of those projects have come over the last 8 years is amazing, and I can't wait to see how Xamarin takes off from here.


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