Announcing Smarty Pants Gaming at SmartyPantsGaming.com

It has been a very long month of working hard to knock out two launch titles for Windows Phone 7 - Hungry Castaway and Matchingo. I have just put up a new site specifically for these games (and more games) that will be published under the name Smarty Pants Gaming.

I hope you will check out the site and check it out often. We just posted the first real video of Matchingo for WP7 which you can find on the site, or here below:

Be sure to bookmark SmartyPantsGaming.com now - or find it on the sidebar to the left.


You should replace the white background of the cards with some texture, with a white border (with the M in the middle) also add pictures that doesn't look like example images :P

the final version of the game that was released has 3 selectable card backgrounds, including one with the M from Matchingo as the card back (you can see that at 4:50 in this video).. i hope you'll check out the final release, and thanks for the feedback!