Presenting at the Windows Apps Meetup on Mobile Game Development

Sorry for the late notice, but I'll be presenting Monday at the Atlanta Windows Apps Meetup in Alpharetta. You can find out more about the meetup (which is Monday February 4th, 2013) here.


Have an idea for a casual game? Not sure where to start? In this session we'll discuss two of the main ways you can create casual games today for Windows 8. We will review how the game Word Search Little Books was built for Windows 8. We'll also talk a bit about how parts of that same source code was leveraged for an iOS version as well. We will also review the MonoGame platform and other ways to create games for Windows 8 and other mobile platforms. If you've created games for Windows 8 already, then please come and join in on the conversation!

My presentation will be largely focused on various ways to get into mobile game development, and will talk a good bit about cross-platform solutions and monetization. Hope to see you there!