Word Search Little Books Lands on Windows Phone

I am super excited to announce that Word Search Little Books is now available on the Windows Phone Store!

That means that WSLB is now on essentially every major platform, something I'm super proud of. The only platforms WSLB has yet to reach are the Nook and Blackberry, something I don't see doing anytime soon - time to move on to the next game!

If you have a Windows Phone or know someone who does (or any platform for that matter) please point them to WordSearchLittleBooks.com to get the app now, or have them use this fancy button:

For those curious, here is how the app's codebase breaks down:
Android - Java / XML
iPhone/iPad - C# / XIB / Xamarin.iOS
Windows 8, Windows Phone - C# / XAML

I have seriously considered refactoring the Android version into Xamarin.Android so I can have C# across all the platforms, but I'm just going to leave it as is for now. WSLB was originally made as part of an Android contest, hence it originally being done in Java.

Word Search - Little Books now available on Android!

Visit WordSearchLittleBooks.com to download now!

I am very happy to announce that Word Search - Little Books, my latest game, is now available for all Android devices on Google Play here. Word Search - Little Books is a word search game. What makes it unique from the many other word searches out there is that it utilizes both touch and stylus input. As best I can tell, Word Search - Little Books is the first word search game on any mobile platform to support stylus - don't worry, the touch support is great too. It also brings a bit more depth to the genre which is currently mostly puzzle generators and little more.

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