Word Search Little Books Now Available in the Windows Store!

I'm very excited to announce that Word Search Little Books is now available for Windows 8 in the Windows Store! This marks the first app from SmartyPantsCoding to be available on the new Windows 8 platform.

Word Search Little Books took a bit of work to port to Windows 8, but was largely done in under 4-5 days. The Windows 8 version supports in-app-purchases just like it's Android counterpart, and I am very eager to see how the marketplace works in comparison to other mobile platforms - so far it has been quite enjoyable.

As part of the port, I added landscape support so that you can actually play Word Search Little Books on a normal Windows desktop - pretty cool I think. The app also supports snapped view, so you can play a word search on the side while you do other activities as well.

Please head over to WordSearchLittleBooks.com or the Windows Store to grab it today. Please share with your friends via the sharing links at the top of WordSearchLittleBooks.com, or leave a review in Windows Store - I'd really appreciate it!

Word Search Little Books promo video featuring Windows 8