Matchingo Ported to Facebook

Initial Code Drop of Matchingo Now Available

The initial code drop of Matchingo is now available on CodePlex at matchingo.codeplex.com. This release contains the same functionality set as is currently featured in the Server Quest Contest, but the code itself has undergone major refactoring since that initial release.

The Matchingo codebase makes use of various technologies including:

Announcing Matchingo.com - An Open Source Silverlight Memory Game

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Matchingo.com. Matchingo.com is the main hosting page for my new game Matchingo - a Silverlight implementation of a matching game.

Matchingo includes several features including the ability to replay every game you play, track all your high scores, choose from various card and background image sets, and more. Matchingo was developed using C#, Silverlight, and the Composite Guidance for WPF and Silverlight (aka Prism).

Matchingo will be competing in the upcoming Server Quest Silverlight game contest, and will be posted as open source in the coming weeks on CodePlex.

But enough of all that, go check it out!